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Introducing our “Southern Stars” Team

Looking to the future of both our Region and towards the 2018 Annual, we are proud to announce the formation of the “Southern Stars” Team. This group is comprised of individuals from across the region. Their focus is on both the Regional Awards Banquet and planning/fundraising for the upcoming Annual. We believe that this committee concept will strengthen relationships throughout the Region and allow us to access talent from everyone who wishes to participate.

This core committee consists of:

Regional Director                               Jean Dugger

Treasurer:                                        Graham Stevens

Regional Secretary:                           Teresa Keiger
(Including Regional Show Secretary)

Regional Liaisons & Fundraising:
Deb Curtis, Kenny Currle – North
Karen Lane, Karen Boyce – South
Des Spencer, Laura Barber – West

Web Developer                                  Teresa Keiger

Communication &
Volunteer Coordinator                       Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell

I understand that some very promising fundraising ideas are already being discussed!

Plans for the banquet are well underway, and they are in the very capable hands of Connie Wardlaw and her team. The hotel had a delay in finalizing meal selections, but they will be in place first of next week. Donna Willbanks will again be handling sponsorships, and that information will also be up very shortly.

It takes a Region to produce an Awards Banquet and an Annual and these capable people are just the leaders of these projects. But it takes more than leaders.

We need people. We need ideas. We need you.

Please reach out to any of us with your ideas. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Jo Ann to discuss the many opportunities still available.

Thank YOU for being a Southern Star!
My best to you and all your kitties!