Fundraising Goals

Fundraising Goals
for the 2018 CFA Annual

We have a lot of work to do to get to our goal of raising $25,000 for the 2018 CFA Annual, and it’s going to take the combined efforts of individuals, clubs, and groups from inside and outside of the Southern Region.

Let’s acknowledge all those who are contributing to this goal, and see just successful these projects are! By its nature, this is NOT an accounting spreadsheet – just a way to acknowledge what fundraising projects are happening and those folks leading these projects.

Fundraising Pins
Lead: Jean Dugger, Karen Boyce
current amount raised: $1450.00

2018 Annual Cat Teasers
Lead: Jennifer Herr
current amount raised:  $1000.00

Fundraising Show – Sept 2-3
Ocicats International, Jacqui Bennett
amount raised:  $252

Rainbow Bridge Project – at Cotton States Show   – $720
Special thanks to Cotton States, JoAnn Hardemann and Cyndi Lewis and all of our cats that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Echo Show Raffle
Lead: Karen Boyce
item donated by Krista Schmitt
amount raised:  $606.00

HoneyBaked Ham
Lead: Karen Boyce
current anticipated funds:  $585.00
(we do not receive monies until the campaign is completed)

Surcharge Fees  based on percentage back to the region $1,658.00