Fundraising Goals

Fundraising Goals
for the 2018 CFA Annual

We have a lot of work to do to get to our goal of raising $25,000 for the 2018 CFA Annual, and it’s going to take the combined efforts of individuals, clubs, and groups from inside and outside of the Southern Region.

Let’s acknowledge all those who are contributing to this goal, and see just successful these projects are! By its nature, this is NOT an accounting spreadsheet – just a way to acknowledge what fundraising projects are happening and those folks leading these projects.

Each day we get closer to our own Regional Awards Banquet
and the 2018 CFA Annual.  This Annual is the Southern Region’s
turn to host the world for this year.For the Annual it is the Region’s responsibility to present the Delegate Bag to each person attending the CFA Annual Meeting.  The region has a group of volunteers that are excited and asking the clubs and individuals to donate to this project.  We are still need more volunteers and items for this year’s delegate bag.  Please consider helping the Region make this a wonderful event for all that attend.  Details here

We need everyone’s help.  Both of these events are about celebrating your wins, or your friends wins along with creating a great memory.
The $100 Peach Pins are now available.  So far we have sold almost half of them — don’t be left out they are going fast.   You can order on line from our website or  see Vivian Baylor at the Knoxville Show.
Any questions please contact JoAnn Miska-Blackwell who heads this project.
There is a lovely Sturdi Show Set up that is being raffled off.
Sarah Seiffert has the set up and you can find her at many shows.
Or you can reach out to her via email.  Please stop by and see her
and support the Region.  See details on the Fundraising page of our website.
The $100 Peach Pin is now available.  We sold 23 pins (of the 100 available) the first weekend.

100 Peaches
Lead: Karen Boyce, Jo Ann Miksa Blackwell
Current amount raised: $2300

CFA Friday Night Hospitality

CFA Annual Delegate Bags

CFA Southern Region Banquet

Fundraising Pins
Lead: Jean Dugger, Karen Boyce
current amount raised: $1450.00

Fundraising Show – Sept 2-3
Ocicats International, Jacqui Bennett
amount raised:  $252

Rainbow Bridge Project – at Cotton States Show   – $720
Special thanks to Cotton States, JoAnn Hardemann and Cyndi Lewis and all of our cats that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Echo Show Raffle
Lead: Karen Boyce
item donated by Krista Schmitt
amount raised:  $606.00

HoneyBaked Ham
Lead: Karen Boyce
current anticipated funds:  $583.00
(we do not receive monies until the campaign is completed)

2018 Annual Cat Teasers
Lead: Jennifer Herr
current amount raised:  $1000.00

Surcharge Fees  based on percentage back to the region $1,658.00




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