Sponsorships – 2018

Congratulate your favorite cat(s) and help support the Southern Region by sponsoring a cat’s or a breed’s award.

Donna Wilbanks will be collecting all sponsorships. Please contact her at  Wotawe2000@yahoo.com

First – Click here to see which cats have already been sponsored.

Next – Contact Donna to confirm that the cat you wish to sponsor is still available. It is possible that someone else has sponsored the cat within the day that the list was updated.

Finally – Complete your payment for sponsorship, either by check or PayPal. If using the PayPal form on this page, be certain that you go all the way to your PayPal account to complete the transaction

A complete list of all of our winning cats and if they have been sponsored is available here.

Awards Sponsorship Payment

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Sponsorship Pricing

Regional Winners – $45
Distinquished Merit – $45
Household Pets – $45
Agility – $30
Grands of Distinction –  $45
Breed Winners – $10 each or all 3 in the class for $25

You can pay by check or via PayPal. The PayPal form is on the right side of the page.  Fill out the form (one per sponsorship) with your information. The form will then take you to your PayPal account where you will complete your transaction.

If paying by check, please send your payment to:

Karen Boyce
85074 Majestic Walk Blvd
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

(make checks payable to CFA Southern Region)

Deadline:  All sponsorships submitted & paid for by June 1 will be included in the show program. ALL sponsorships will be posted on the website after the banquet.

Click here to see who has been sponsored