You Have Questions…..

You have questions…..
…and we have answers.

Folks have questions about the Annual – and we want to provide you with answers! From “who runs an Annual?” to “so what is there to do?” we want to give you the best answers for the 2018 CFA Annual in Atlanta.  Please submit  questions that you might have to Annual Chairperson Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell.
We may combine some questions, or expand beyond the scope of the question to give some clarity on the situation.
This Q&A is currently limited to the annual event and may expand to our  Regional Awards Banquet and associated show. Watch for more details as they develop.

Let’s get started!

Q.  How did we end up in Atlanta (or Chicago, or Las Vegas…)?
A.  A lot of people think that the region gets to choose where the CFA Annual is located. In reality, CFA Central Office (with the assistance of Pat Zollman of HelmsBrisco – a professional meeting and event site procurement agency) select both the city and the venue.  This is because an event this big has a LOT of requirements in regards to meeting spaces and sizes, catering, banquet/meeting room, and such. No region could really be expected to know this information nor negotiate with the property. While the region may make suggestions in regards to venues, Central Office actually does the site visitations, evaluates the venues, and makes the final selections.